Blunt Polices of any state may raise the Economy, Morales, Strategic Values and Geographical States but Simple Ignorance might because of Unnatural declined.

Nation circulates around the policies of any State, Combinedly International communities came to join in their interest base together or at same pages. While organizing the polices for any of life discipline if some one commits the ignorance, then this chain may touch the whole world due to globalization, politically, economically and socially.

Procedure of shifting any Quantitively Standers to Qualitative Strengths is surely the organic result of Policy making, So quite but mannerly sharp steps to be taken while fulfilment of policy arrangements, In partial or complete Ignorance there may be seen the logics designed or unexpected losses.

Authorities or Concern must be equipped with logics, trends, demands, potential, moralities, rule of laws, determinations and motivation. Quarries should treat in National Spirits, however Planed negligence be treated quietly or announced and prospect may brought to reason of Negligence, weather it was done by mistake or due to some conspire.   

As in first we said that Blunt polices may generate a confirm and qualitative tracks at the part of universe but negligence by sequence be a terrible failure of the Nations.

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